GROW is people who have been where you are now and know how it feels. They have found a way back to wholeness and want to pass that on to you

'I thought my life was over. I felt abandoned, abused unloved, unworthy and alone. My husband, children, home and sanity, all taken away from me. I was numb, terrified and hopeless. By chance I found the GROW community - and slowly everything changed. These people valued my brokenness. They said "You need us and we need you" They helped me face the truth of my past choices. They supported and encouraged me to learn how to be self - believing, self - responsible and to want to pass what I was learning on to others. 'They loved me back to wholeness.'-Annie

Are you a problem to yourself? Perhaps to others? GROW offers you its remedy - TRUTH, CHARACTER and FRIENDSHIP.

Which is also its challenge:

-Are YOU capable of truth?

Can YOU face life with character?

Are YOU prepared to be a friend?

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